Sunday, October 4, 2009

REVIEW: The Producers (2005 Remake)

The Producers

Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick


December 16, 2005 (Limited)
December 25, 2005 (Wide)

Susan Stroman

Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures

2 hours 15 minutes




This has got to be the funniest and smartest musical ever made. The Producers is about two men. One man is a producer who has had the worst of luck daily. The other is an accountant who wants to do something else with his life. Now, the two come up with an idea so devious, that it just might work. This movie literally takes the word musical and morphs it nto something spectacular and funny. I should of guess this since this is based on the Mel Brooks movie. It just makes a new vocabulary for something this original and clever. The director of the movie is so smart, that all of the sets literally look like they're on a stage in Manhatten. But it isn't a musical like Grease or High School Musical, I can tell ya that. This is a musical directly toward teenagers and adults, not kids 10 and under. But anyway, you should still see this movie because it has a sense of originality put into it. So, see this movie and the original if you can find it at a local Redbox or Blockbuster, or even off Netflix. Still, watch it!!!!!!!!!

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