Friday, July 9, 2010

REVIEW: Despicable Me (2D)

Despicable Me

Steve Carell, Jason Segal


July 9, 2010

Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Universal Pictures,
Illumination Entertainment

1 hour 35 minutes

A (94)



Is Toy Story 3 sold out at your multiplex? Does The Last Airbender want to make you ask for a refund? Well look no further as Despicable Me is a funny, heartwarming, and sweet that can compete against many PIXAR and DreamWorks Animation films. Gru wants to be the worlds #1 supervillan. So he believes that in order to accomplish this goal, he must pull off the ultimate crime: he is going to steal the moon. But when he adopts three little girls for his plan, he must find the hero in himself and decide to be superbad and a superdad. When I say this competes with PIXAR and DreamWorks movies, I mean it. Why not have a supervillan as a good guy for a change. Steve Carell gives a very funny voice to Gru, the main character. Russel Brand, who's known for his R rated raunch-fests does a funny and unrecgonizable voice as Gru's mentor. Now it might look from the previews that Gru's minions would steal the movie, but the real show stealer is Angus, the youngest of the three orphaned girls, who's voiced by Elsie Fischer, a cute and sweet little girl that brings a lot of light to the movie. She also makes some of the movie's funniest jokes and most heartwarming moments. The minions were also featured in some of the funniest moments, although I expected them to be a bit funnier. The animation in this movie is like eye candy to the mind and almost looks like the animation in most PIXAR films. I personally saw this movie in 2D, because my local theater only got the 2D print of it. Even though it was still very enjoyable, this is one of those movies that's worth a 3D ticket boost. But overall, Despicable Me is a fun and sweet family film that adults will enjoy as much as the kids. Plus, this probably won't make you cry like how Toy Story probably did. I can surely say this will be considered for Best Animated Feature come awards season this year.


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