Sunday, November 1, 2009

REVIEW: Apollo 13

Apollo 13

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon


June 30, 1995

Ron Howard

Universal Pictures

2 hours 20 minutes




If you like suspenseful films that were nominated for Oscars? Then this is the film for you. Apollo 13 tells the story of astronauts who go onto the Apollo 13 misson to the moon. But what they didn't expect was to be saying "Houston, we have a problem." Now this crew must get back to Earth before they die and float in the coldness of space for the rest of eternity. This film has a brilliant cast and a brilliant story. But what made me iffy about this film were the special effects of the ship taking off and the ship in space. But anyway, this was a great movie that did deserve Oscars for Tom Hanks and the film itself, which must've been scary for the incident to actually happen in real life. So, if it's a rainy day and everyone's busy, rent this movie for the afternoon's entertainment. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. I wonder how this would've looked on an IMAX screen?

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