Saturday, February 20, 2010

REVIEW: The Outsiders

The Outsiders

C. Thomas Howell,
Ralph Macchio


March 25, 1983

Francis Ford Coppola

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 31 minutes




I never thought that I could be so disappointed in a movie like I did with The Outsiders. This movie went by so fast I couldn't even tell what was even going on during each scene. I had high hopes for this movie, because I read the book for school and was intrigued by it. This could possibly be one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. Yes, in my life! The Outsiders tells the story of two greasers that run away from home and encounter many events as they are gone in 1966. After my group and myself were finished reading the book, we were told to watch this movie and write a report on the difference between the movie and the book. And like I said previously, the book is SO much better than this trashy adaptation. The reason for that is because they totally rushed through the book to make a movie out of it. This movie is only an hour and a half, so it feels like they took the entire book and sped through it faster than a runaway train. They could have at least made this movie about 40 minutes longer to slow the movie down a little. Francis Ford Copolla has certainly made a g-d awful movie that will disappoint anyone that's read the book. I never saw the critically acclaimed movie, The Godfather, but I know it's much more superior than this movie. I also hate the fact that they had to cast many celebrities like Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, and many others. The only right casting move was Patrick Swayze as Darry, who's the only solid performer in the entire film. Other than that, The Outsiders is the worst book to film adaptation I've ever seen. I'd be over exaggerating to say to burn every copy in existence of this movie, but that's how I feel. So if you want to see a disappointing film adaptation of a fantastic book, then you may want to check this crap out. This movie is the fast food adaptation of a great book. The worst part is is that it NEVER slows down!

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