Friday, March 19, 2010

REVIEW: Bandslam


Gaelan Connell,
Aly Michalka,
Vanessa Hudgens

August 14, 2009


Todd Graff

Summit Entertainment

1 hour 51 minutes




Although not the best film in the world, Bandslam delievers what it promises along with a strong preformance from Vanessa Hudgens. Bandslam tells the story about a bullied teenager who moves to New Jersey with his mom to start a new life. There he meets two girls: a emo-goth like girl named Sa5m (not the 5 is silent) and Charolette, a popular girl who decides to hang out with geeks and nerds instead of populars. While the teenager, who's name is Will is living in New Jersey, he learns about a music competition called Bandslam, where the winner of it gets a record deal. So, Will starts a band with Charolette, while he has a boyfriend-girlfriend friendship with Sa5m. This movie was like High School Musical with an adult fever, but still pretty good. I would like to acknowledge the preformances of the three leads of Galeen Connell, Aly Michalka, and Vanessa Hudgens who all did great jobs in this film. This film also reminded me of School Of Rock in a way. But whoever likes music will enjoy this film. This is a perfect rental for the adolescents, not kids even though they might want to see it because of Ms. Hudgens. But if you're a teenager looking for a nice movie on On Demand, Bandslam is the perfect film for that, believe me.


  1. hey zach its lauren. i just wanted to say i love this website and that i totally agree with ur review! I thought it was a great movie and i loved it. best movie ever!

  2. Hey Zack it's Akash. Your website rocks. Keep up the good work.


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