Saturday, November 13, 2010

REVIEW: Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel


October 8, 2010

Greg Berlanti

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 54 minutes

B+ (89)



Wait a minute, haven't we seen a romantic comedy with a baby before? We probably did, but I don't remember a baby involved movie other than Tom Selleck's classic Three Men and a Baby. But now Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel of Knocked Up and Transformers fame decide to star in this completely predictable chick flick. Now me, I'm a sucker for chick-flicks, and once again, a movie like this did not disappoint for me. Yes, this movie is very dumb, predictable, and just flat out was never needed to be made. Yet, if you're a guy like me, or a dude who's forced by his wife or girlfriend to see this with her, there's a possibility you might be suprised by the turnout.

Holly Berenson and Eric Messer are nothing alike. Holly is the typical neat freak, strict like girl making delicious sweets for a living. Eric Messer is a free living guy working as a camera controller for basketball games, plus hooking up with women every night. The one thing that they both have in common with each other is their best friends, whom the latter are married to each other. But as fate would happen, Holly and Eric's best friends seemingly died in a car accident, leaving behind their 1 year old daughter Sophie in the care of the two. What will happen to Eric and Holly as they must take care of the one year old girl? For them, "life as we know it" will never be the same for them.

There isn't much to talk about other than this movies is predictable and dumb, but also sweet and heartwarming, filled with plenty of belly-laughs for the family. Other than language and some sexual content, this is a perfect family film. Kids around 9 and up will enjoy it, as well as parents desperate for a good time. One can actually compare this movie to Three Men and a Baby, which I enjoy more than this. But this movie still is just as lighthearted, but not as language filled as the other. So if you're with someone who needs a funny and somewhat heartwarming movie with a baby, then you're sure to enjoy Life As We Know It.


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  1. this film is far from perfect, but what it's attempting to explore is a bit mind boggling. How would two people who initially dislike each other find enough common ground to come together in the best interests of a child?


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