Friday, April 8, 2011

REVIEW: Born To Be Wild: The IMAX 3D Experience

Born To Be Wild

Morgan Freeman


April 8, 2011

David Lickey

Warner Bros. Pictures,
IMAX Filmed Entertainment

40 minutes

A (83)



From the voice of Morgan Freeman and the eyes of two IMAX 3D cameras comes Born To Be Wild, the incredibly beautiful true stories of orphaned orangutans from Borneo, and orphaned elephants in Kenya. This was my first IMAX 3D documentary, and it did not disappoint. The movie is about two female doctors from two different parts of the world, each taking care of orphaned elephants and orphaned orangutans. The moment you get your view of the animals, you instantly get pulled into the real world of these orphaned animals, feeling as if you were really there. The film is simply extraordinary, with the imagery being some of the most that I've ever seen. It may only be 40 minutes long, and the tickets may cost up to $20 bucks, but seeing it on an IMAX screen in 3D makes it something to never forget.

There is no acting in this movie, and nothing was planned, except for the interviews between the doctors. Everything in this movie is real, which is all the more reason to see this movie. Yes, tickets will be expensive for most families, but the experience is well worth it, even if it's at a meager 40 minutes. The images placed on screen are absolutely breathtaking and sometimes feel incredibly real. I actually kept pulling my glasses of during my screening, since the images displayed on the screen felt as if I was looking into a window that transported your eyes to another continent. Not only do you and your children learn something in this movie, you also get a dose of pure eye candy. Even though you would get the same eye candy if you went to the locations mentioned in this movie, but there's something about the use of 3D that makes something look so pure and so cool to look at. This is the perfect experience for a classroom field trip.

It's not just the 3D experience that was incredible, the story was touching and incredible. It's amazing that two brave women from two parts of the world help these dying animals and raise them to get them ready for the wild when they become ready to sustain life on their own. The story touched my heart very deeply because these animals are dying in the world. These ladies are using their lives to save other innocent ones, who are usually dying because of us humans killing of their spouses or their parents. This isn't just a movie, it's also a public service announcement. This movie shows that we need to help the animals of our world before they become extinct. This film will teach a lot to both kids and adults, and I hope that it encourages many people to take action into helping the animals of our world, before it's too late.

There's nothing much more to say about Born To be Wild, other than saying that is an educational, beautiful, and very cute. It's nice to take a break from your regular Hollywood movie and just witness animals doing whatever. It's a nice treat for the whole family, plus it has a hidden lesson for the kids to learn. For parents, this is a treat because they are basically taking their kids to school at the movies, though they won't learn about anything like math or science. Instead, they'll learn about geography and the fact that they can contribute in helping animals that are dying. I can assure that all of the family can relate to this movie, and still enjoy it even though it is very short. So if you enjoy learning something for a change and want to learn more about animals from different parts of the world, then you might want to check out the animals that are truly 'Born To Be Wild.'

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