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MINI-REVIEW: Wrath of the Titans 3D

Wrath of the Titans

Sam Worthington,
Édgar Ramírez


March 30, 2012

Jonathan Liebesman

Warner Bros. Pictures,
Legendary Pictures

1 hour 38 minutes



Many 13 year olds including myself were anxious to see Louis Letterer's 'Clash of the Titans' remake starring 'Avatar' star Sam Worthington and Liam Nesson.  I was one of the few that just enjoyed 'Clash' for what it was: a mindless but entertaining popcorn flick.  So when I heard that they were making a sequel to 'Clash' I was immediately interested in what could possibly be brought to the table this time around.  Unfortunately, this movie did not deliver much at all.  'Wrath of the Titans' comes from 'Battle: Los Angeles' director Jonathan Liebesman, which off the bat is not a very good sign, even though I never even saw 'Battle: L.A.'  Even so, I was still excited to see this film.  After seeing the film itself, I can now see why people hated 'Clash' so much.  'Wrath of the Titans' is a stupid, cringe-worthy sequel that never needed to be made at all but was just to get some quick cash.  It's a shame that Hollywood is more obsessed with money rather than the quality of a movie, but then again that's business.  This movie could have been a decent sequel, but instead there was a weak story, choppy acting, mediocre 3D, and a bloody awful script.  'Wrath of the Titans' isn't the worst thing you'll see all year, but it still disappoints on all levels and makes the people who pay for this movie feel guilty for seeing this over something like '21 Jump Street' or 'The Hunger Games.'

The only good things about this movie were the special effects.  No no I'm not talking about the special effects AND the 3D, I'm just talking about the visual effects.  The monsters in this film look absolutely incredible. The action scenes also looked very cool.  However in 3D, they were as flat as paper, aside from one shot involving a snake popping out of the screen in the corniest way possible.  Even these visuals couldn't stop the movie from becoming a cheesy, over the top, and really bad fantasy flick.  Sure Liam Nesson and Ralph Fiennes gave it all they had, but Sam Worthington was pretty bad, but not as bad as his other supporting cast members, including Rosamund Pike and Bill Nighy.  It's saddening to me that this sequel turned out to be worse than the first one, because I wanted to see a fun popcorn flick rather than one mess that can't really be cleaned up. 

I'm glad I'm reviewing this movie now rather than opening weekend, because I had time to think about the movie and change the final grade.  If you have any interest in seeing this movie at all, do yourself a favor and see something that is much better.  It is April after all and we've gotten some good movies so far (that have yet to be reviewed) like 'The Cabin in the Woods,' as well as some great March movies like 'The Hunger Games.'  If you did see this movie, tell me what you thought in the comments.  Overall, 'Wrath of the Titans' is a sloppy attempt at making cash, and I hope that Warner Bros. decides next time to make a decent film and earn the money back.  Luckily this is only the first third of 2012, so there will be many more great popcorn flicks to come out, right?



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