Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: Europa Report

Europa Report

Anamaria Marinca,
Michael Nyqvist


June 27, 2013 (VOD)
August 2, 2013 (LIMITED)

Sebastián Cordero

Magnet Releasing

1 hour 30 minutes



Sci-Fi these days consists of explosions, CGI, and a lot of technical accomplishments.  Sometimes the best Science Fiction movies are the ones that are simple, yet effective.  "Europa Report" is an accurate depiction on what could happen if humans venture off into space and attempt to discover new life.  In a way, it's a combination of "Another Earth" and "Cloverfield," in which the story is executed simply and without many special effects while using the found footage formula that's been used in films like "Chronicle" and the "Paranormal Activity" series.  To top that off, the acting in the film is solid and the story is solid.  There isn't a lot to say about "Europa Report" other than what's already been said.  I mean, the story isn't the best, the dialogue is cheesy, and some of the outcomes of the characters seem a little too melodramatic.  Having said that, the visuals are really good, the found footage aspect is handled very well, and the acting isn't half bad either.  While the film is far from perfect, it is an effective, intense, and engaging movie that shows a very plausible outcome for if the Government decides to send humans back into space.

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