Sunday, July 27, 2014

MINI-REVIEW: Obvious Child

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy


June 6, 2014

Gillian Robespierre


1 hour 23 minutes



Comedian Jenny Slate has finally been given her time to shine in the film "Obvious Child," and boy does she succeed at being great.  While I had to wait over a month before I could finally check it out due to scheduling and other movies coming out, it was definitely worth the wait.  This movie tells the story of a 27 year old comedian named Donna who, after a one night stand with a quote on quote "stranger who was nice," gets pregnant.  Not wanting to be a mother at the moment, and with her life crumbling apart, she decides to get an abortion.  Think of this as an episode of the show "Louie" combined with a storyline that is almost the exact opposite of "Juno."  If you're a fan of at least one of those things, then chances are you're going to enjoy this movie.  I know I did, for sure.

The main reason why this film works so well is that, aside from the incredible script and hilarious jokes, is how relatable everything is.  Jenny Slate isn't the typical leading star, which makes her all the more natural on camera and serves as a type of reflection of everyday people to its audience members.  The chemistry between Slate and everyone she talks to feels real and authentic, and the story itself is very down to earth and honest.  The movie might be cliched, and some jokes don't exactly work as well as others, but "Obvious Child" as a whole is a funny, down-to-earth, and relatable comedy that definitely ranks among some of the best of the year thus far.


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