Friday, January 23, 2009

Review: "Hotel for Dogs"

Hotel For Dogs
Emma Roberts, Jake .T. Austin
January 16, 2009
Thor Freudenthal
Dreamworks Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies
1hr 40min



Hotel for dogs is a movie that younger kids (like my sister) would enjoy. However, I have a different perspective about that. Hotel for dogs is about two orphans living in a foster home. While there they're keeping a stray dog named Friday in secrecy from their foster parents. They have to be really careful of Friday since if a dog catcher finds him guess where he goes... THE POUND!!!! That's when the kids decide Friday needs to live someplace better. Then, while the kids are hiding from the police, Friday finds a hiding place inside an old, abandoned hotel. While the kids search in the hotel for Friday, they come across two other stray dogs. Throughout the movie are the two orphans meeting 3 other kids and they all build a "hotel for dogs." Little kids will love this movie. Parents might if they like nickelodeon, dogs, and strange relationships. The things that really upset me the most was all of the bland, kiddy jokes. For example, the foster parents land in a dumpster full of turd so one of the foster parents said, "we've been turdified" or something like that. Plus, the romances in the movie were extremely obvious. The only part that made me laugh, which was only a small chuckle was the dog romance between the dogs named "Romeo" and "Juliet"(Ooh ruff ruff). There are better movies out there this weekend, like the Kevin James movie Paul Blart Mall Cop. This would actually be the last choice I'd make to go see a movie this week. But if it's something that's on your list for the week, don't let me stop you. But if you were like me and will actually listen to what I'm saying, do the cheap solution and wait for this movie on DVD (or blu-ray if you like stinking HD). There's no reason to see this movie in theaters, but people will still do so anyway. Heck, there's no reason to see this movie at all since this is a hardcore kids movie and possibly won't be enjoyed by any parent who's dragged to see it. So as the first review on my blog, Hotel For Dogs is already the worst movie that I've seen in 2009. By any means skip this movie or wait for the home video release. Otherwise, you'll suffer the regret of going to see this movie instead of spending money on something much more worthwhile.

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