Saturday, January 31, 2009

REVIEW: Paul Blart Mall Cop

Paul Blart Mall Cop
Kevin James, Jayma Mays
January 16, 2009
Columbia Pictures
1 hr 27 mins


The only thing I can say about Paul Blart is the following: HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin James stars as Paul Blart, a single father who tries out to be a cop for the New Jersey State Police. He does suprisingly well even though he is incredibly large. Just as he's about to finish the obsticle course, he passes out due to hypoclemina, which means he needs sugar to get him up and running. Due to him passing out, he fails the test. Ever since his wife left him, Paul lives with his mom and daughter, who encourage him to look for the perfect women. Paul works as a "mall cop" (hense the title) at the West Orange Pavillion Mall. He takes his job really serious. One day he meets a girl named Amy and starts crushing on her. After a little accident at the bar, Paul thinks Amy doesn't like him. He gets rid of his moping by going into the game room on Black Friday and starts playing Rock Band (BOO YAH!!!) While he's doing that the entire mall is exiting the building and a few are being held hostage by burgalars. The movie is something to laugh at while you are in the theater and trust me, you and your family will blow up with laughter when you see this movie. It is worth every penny you spend (At least to me).

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