Saturday, February 28, 2009

REVIEW: Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks

July 11, 2008


Brian Robbins

20th Century Fox

1hr 30min




Meet Dave is a cute family film with alot of funny stuff that adults would enjoy. Meet Dave is about a spaceship thaty crashes to Earth which looks like a regular human being. But inside are hundreds of tiny people coming from their planet to get something. A few months earlier, a little rock falls from the sky and lands in a kids goldfish bowl. It then sucks all of the water out of the fishbowl. It turns out that he reason why this orb sucked up all of the water is because the aliens sent it to collect water from Earth so their planet can survive. Now, when the aliens are on Earth they start getting different feelings. Now, the aliens must get back to their planet with the stuff they need before it's too late. Meet Dave was an adorable, funny movie the whole family will enjoy. Trust me, go and rent Meet Dave and see what you think.

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