Sunday, March 1, 2009

REVIEW: The Pink Panther 2

The Pink Panther 2

Steve Martin, Jean Reno

February 6, 2009


Harald Zwart

Columbia Pictures/MGM

1hour 32 minutes




The Pink Panther 2 is a knockout hilarious movie filled with gags, twists, and Inspector Clouseau. The Pink Panther 2 is about several valuables being stolen by a person only known as "The Tornado." One of these valuables include the Pink Panther diamond. Now, dectectives and agents are assembling a group known as "The Dream Team" and Clouseau is chosen to be one of them. Now, this group must find the valuables and The Tornado before something very bad happens. This film was kind of obvious to me at the end, but I still enjoyed all of the mishaps and gags Steve Martian puts into as Clouseau. I'm telling you, its not as bad as everyone (including my sister and dad) says it is. Try to go see this before it leaves the theaters. But, if you don't get to see it in Theaters, then rent it on DVD when it comes out.

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