Sunday, December 20, 2009

REVIEW: Avatar: The IMAX 3D Experience


Sam Worthington,
Zoë Saldaña


December 18, 2009

James Cameron

20th Century Fox

2 hours 41 minutes




James Cameron retains his title as "king of the world" as he has made a movie that is better than Titanic, the best movie of 2009, and possibly THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!!!! Avatar tells the riveting story of a paralyzed ex Marine who decides to take the position of his dead twin brother on the distant moon 4.4 light years away called Pandora. On the moon, he will become an Avatar, a genetically engineered version of the moon's natives known to the humans as the Na'Vi, who are very hard to make contact with. So the marine, now his mind in an Avatar body learns from the natives and follows there methods. But, as the marine gets closer to the Na'Vi, he gets farther from the humans. Now, the marine must decide which side he's on: The humans or the Na'Vi. This movie is a crazy and fun 3D adventure that certainlly tops Titanic by far. What was so revolutionary about Avatar were the special effects of the movie and the story.
The special effects were so revolutionary, that it looked as if humans were really on Pandora. Also, the special effects were a better kind of motion capture filming than the Robert Zemekis films made during this decade. (excluding Monster House; that was a pretty good film) The story was also very original as I've never seen or heard anything like this. The running length of Avatar may be very long in today's standards, (161 minutes) but the film never feels long until you get off your seat when the screen reads "Directed By James Cameron" since you're butt will be very, very, very, etc. numb. Other than that, Avatar is a genuine film that captures your imagination and changes the way you'll ever see films again. Some may even consider it perfect. I am one of those people. I'm not asking you to see Avatar, I'm saying it is a film experience you will never ever forget. Also, the IMAX screen really made you feel as if you went to Pandora with Sam Worthington & James Cameron. What I'm trying to say is, GO SEE AVATAR IN 3D OR IMAX 3D. You will thank me for telling you this now than in 2 years when this film probably won't be in theaters anymore, dudes.


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