Sunday, December 20, 2009

REVIEW: Year One

Year One

Jack Black,
Michael Cera


June 19, 2009

Harold Ramis

Columbia Pictures

1 hour 39 minutes




If your looking for raunchy comedies filled with religious facts, cavemen, and strange settings, then Year One is your movie. Year One tells the story of two lazy hunters who get kicked out of there village after breaking one of the most important laws in there tribe. Now, they must discover the world that they never knew and have each others backs if one gets into some serious trouble. This movie was surprisingly funny as it did have its good moments and its bad moments. It's not something to rush out to rent or buy, but it is worth to watch with a couple of friends. Also, this film did have some things that really happened according to the Bible or Torah if any of you guys go to Synagogue or Church. But anyway, if there's nothing at redbox or Blockbuster for you to get, rent this one 'cause it'll give you a few laughs to share with your friends and some bottles of beer.

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