Sunday, January 17, 2010

REVIEW: Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II

Bill Murray,
Dan Aykroyd


June 16, 1989

Ivan Reitman

Columbia Pictures

1 hour 48 minutes




Not as good as the original, but still maintains a good storyline and great laughs that will entertain all of the fans of the series. 5 years have passed since the first Ghostbusters film which reveals that everyone has sidelined our heroes even though they saved New York City from destruction. Instead of hunting ghosts, they're being paid to show up at kids birthday parties. But, a new ghost from the 16th century has come back to posses Peter Venkman's old flame's baby to come back to life and take over the world. Now, the Ghostbusters must stop this dude from coming back to Earth and destroying us all. This movie was very entertaining and fun as we finally got to see our favorite gost hunters back in action. Although they use the same old same old special effects, they still put a lot of effort of making a good film once again. But, you don't really have to see this once you saw the original film since the plot is very similar to eachother. But if you really want to, rent Ghostbusters 2 because you will have a fun time. I can almost guarantee that.

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