Thursday, January 7, 2010

REVIEW: West Side Story

West Side Story

Natalie Wood,
Richard Beymer

October 18, 1961


Jerome Robbins,
Robert Wise

United Artists (MGM)

2 hours 30 minutes




No wonder why this movie won so many Oscars back in 1962, because it was so darn entertaining. West Side Story retells the classic story of William Shakespeare's classic story Romeo & Juliet of a boy and girl falling in love at first sight, but with a (sort of) new twist: this is taken place in modern Manhattan and the family's are actually gangs in this adaptation. This film is probably the best musical I've ever seen. It has that rare kind of blend with action, comedy, drama, and reality. Although some may think this just looks like any musical, think again. This is a musical that has and will always be a classic to people of all ages over 10. If you haven't seen this wonderful film, you should see it. After all, next year (2011) will be the year of the film's 50th anniversary. Either way, just see the film as soon as possible. I can strongly guarantee you that you won't be disappointed in what you see. The songs are great (my favorite's Officer Krupke), the story is timeless, and the choreography is exhilarating, despite it being from the 1960s. So what I'm saying is, SEE THIS FILM!!!!!!!!!!

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