Monday, January 3, 2011

REWIND REVIEW: Knight and Day

Knight and Day

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz


June 25, 2010

James Mangold

20th Century Fox

1 hour 49 minutes

A- (92)



Action comedies can differ from time to time. Some can involve cops, like The Other Guys. Others can involve secret agents and spies, like Knight and Day, Tom Cruise's latest effort to score money and regain fans he might've lost in the past. This time, he brings along Cameron Diaz, his previous costar from Vanilla Sky. Now I've never seen a single Tom Cruise movie before, not even Mission Impossible, but like all moviegoers I started watching this with an open mind, hoping to kill 2 hours and have some fun. And boy, Tom Cruise delivered the goods for me, as Knight and Day was one of the most fun rentals I've ever had.

The synopsis is pretty standard for this kind of movie: an average American woman gets swiped off her feet by an undercover spy who is risking both of their lives for an everlasting battery. But if this battery gets in the wrong hands, who knows what will happen. Yeah, this sounds like a corny plot. But that's just what happens with 20th Century Fox, they send out trailers showing the main stars of the movie and some awesome and funny sequences, but don't explain what the movie's even about. But I don't care, this movie is still a fun ride.

Now like I've said I've never seen a Tom Cruise movie before, so I don't know if he's terrific at his game. However, after seeing this movie, I can surely say that he is hilarious. The way he explains every situation to Cameron (clueless in this movie) Diaz is funny to us and intriguing to both the damsel and the audience. Cameron Diaz plays her usual thing, the out-of-control damsel who either wants everything to be perfect or have a normal life. But in this movie, we see her get drugged, shooting weapons, etc., which makes it very funny to watch. The other cast are just the spies tracking the leads down, and a clueless teenager who invented the battery I talked about earlier. It's the main leads who make this movie very very fun.

Now the story may not be that original, and some of the casting may have not been cool to watch, but it's the funny jokes, awesome action scenes, and the main actors who help Knight and Day see it's light. It's not a movie where the plot is reliable, it's a movie where you just have to sit down and watch your mind melt for 2 hours, like this summer's The A-Team. (Which coincidentally they both came from the same studio) Now I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves action and comedy, but I wouldn't recommend this to people who aren't fans of the two main leads. See if you don't like Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz, then you might as well rent something else to satisfy your appetite. So if you enjoy action, comedy, Tom Cruise, or Cameron Diaz, you just might want to check this out. I wish I got to go see this movie on the big screen, since that is what this movie was made for. So what time of day do you perfer: Knight or Day? Whichever day you perfer, then take that time of day to watch Knight and Day.

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