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REVIEW: Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D

Gnomeo and Juliet

James McAvoy, Emily Blunt


February 11, 2011

Kelly Asbury

Touchstone Pictures (Disney)

1 hour 24 minutes

A+ (100)



"The story you are about to see has been told before, we're just telling it again." That sentence, said by a tiny gnome at the beginning of Disney's Gnomeo and Juliet leads the audience into what is sure to be a funny animated flick. Disney can always surprise me with their newly released movies. For example, Tangled at first looked like it would be an OK movie. And yet, that turned into my favorite movie of 2010. For me, I believe we have an early contender for best animated movie of 2011, as Gnomeo and Juliet, despite its corny name has plenty of laughs, heart, and awesome Elton John music.

The red gnomes and the blue gnomes may live on different sides of two houses, but they hate each other like how the Montages and the Capulet's hated each other. (Ha Ha, see what I did there) Gnomeo lives on the blue side, and Juliet lives on the red side. One day they accidentally meet and instantly fall in love. Let's face it, if you know the summary of 'Romeo & Juliet,' then you know how Gnomeo and Juliet goes.

Okay, we all know that this is the same Romeo & Juliet story we saw in the film adaptations, West Side Story, etc. but Disney decided to tell the same story again. This time, of course with friendly animated characters. Yes, I expected this movie to be a disaster, since the previews made the movie look awful. But then some good reviews came in, and then the movie did impressive at the box office, so I had to take a gander at this. Luckily, my sister and her friend were going to see it, so I decided to tag along, which they didn't mind. Turned out to be a clever and funny movie that takes the original Shakespeare story and brings it to worldwide audience through the help of the British. This is possibly my fourth animated British film, the previous ones being Wallace & Gromit, Dougal, and Flushed Away. I enjoyed this one a whole lot more than those, mainly because of one thing: Elton John.

The music in this movie was all done by the British sensation Elton John. His music in this movie really flows through, giving it a musical like vibe without the main characters singing their hearts out. The music will not only satisfy for kids, but for adults as well. The songs, like the catchy kid friendly song "Crocodile Rock" can be listened to over and over again. Just like how the music was good, so was the all star British cast. I would like to be the first to call this cast "the Harry Potter casting of animated movies." In this movie, we have James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. You also have your sweet taste of American voice with Dolly Parton in a funny cameo. If these aren't good enough reasons to go out and see this movie, then you are a very picky person when it comes to movie. Or it's because you're a testosterone filled up man.

As crazy as this may sound, Gnomeo and Juliet is my favorite movie of the year so far. Honestly, unlike The Green Hornet and Unknown, I could watch this movie over and over again. It has the perfect blend of humor, heart, and nice family entertainment in the view of two different gardens filled with two different kinds of gnomes. I can honestly say that if any family should go to the movies, forget Justin Bieber and go see this movie. The adults will have as much fun with this movies as the kids will. So do you want to see a movie that is full fledge entertainment for the whole family? Check out the must see movie of the year so far when you spend some time Gnomeo and Juliet.


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