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REVIEW: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

The Twilight Saga:
Breaking Dawn Part 1

Kristen Stewart,
Robert Pattinson


November 18, 2011

Bill Condon

Summit Entertainment

1 hour 57 minutes



In case you have only recently checked out my site, I want you to know that I'm an admirer, not a fan, of 'The Twilight Saga.' I don't know what it is about these films, but I kind of buy into the crappy script, the horrendous acting, and clich├ęd tri-mance between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Sure they may be stupid, but in some ways they're enjoyable for me. Now comes the second to last film in the franchise, 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1.' In case you have been living in a cave for about five years, then you should know that Edward and Bella are finally getting married, and Jacob of course is pissed off about it. What does he do about it? Oh yeah that's right: he takes his freaking shirt off and becomes a wolf dog once again. Getting back to the marriage/honeymoon, Bella is finally deflowered by Edward (twice actually, because even girls have hormones up the yin-yang) and finds out two weeks later that she has a mutant vampire/human baby growing within her and eating her from the inside. Will Bella survive, and will she finally be turned into a vampire?

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are probably going to be great actors someday, Pattinson already aiming to get out of the Edward Cullen persona. Pattinson is the best of the three in the film, but it really isn't saying much. Stewart and Lautner are fine for what they are, but they really can't get any better with the source material that they're reading from. For most of the movie they just look out into the distance with one of their usual faces on, screaming some crap or what not. They aren't bad actors at all, but they aren't masters at their craft yet. The cheesiness of their acting, along with everyone else in the film, (Michael Sheen is in a post credits scene to tease 'Part 2') only adds to the enjoyment of this movie for me. The actors may not be the best of the best, but their cheese is only part of the fun with this film.

The latest director to enter this huge saga is Academy Award winner Bill Condon. Condon is probably known by many as the director behind the 2006 musical 'Dreamgirls.' Reading his resume, Condon has a strong track record on his back. My question to him is why did he do this movie? I might have liked this film, but Condon metaphorically didn't direct this movie. This is basically on the same exact trail as every other 'Twilight' film has been on for the past three years. Condon doesn't add any of his own flare to the film, yet he was never supposed to. They could have hired Catherine Hardwicke again to direct this one. Then again, Hardwicke tried out her own "creative ability" with 'Red Riding Hood,' and that looked like trash. Overall, while Condon might have directed this film, there is absolutely nothing of his style that was added to this vampire melodrama.

Is 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' for everybody? Hell no! But if you enjoy and/or respect the franchise for what it is, then there are no problems to be had with this movie. The cast is fine for what they are, but the script is pretty laughable at parts. The sex was limited though, but the gore was on the up side, which left me cringing and enjoying all at the same time. (The gory birth scene where Edward has to break into Bella's embryonic sack = awesomeness.)  The Twi-Hard's are going to defend this movie for the rest of their lives, but the rest of the world's population will constantly rant about this series for about the next few years until 'Twilight' is out of everyones minds. It's going to make a s**t load of cash this weekend, so why not just go and enjoy it for what it is: pure stupidity with sex and gore added to the equation. I enjoyed the film for what it is, and I understand exactly why everyone else wouldn't. If you're a Twi-Hard, then this is your 'Citizen Kane.' If you're not, then don't even waste your time and money. Don't worry Twi-Haters, the series will be done with in a year and it will be out of your minds forever.


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