Friday, November 11, 2011

REVIEW: Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler times Two


November 11, 2011

Dennis Dugan

Columbia Pictures,
Happy Madison Productions

1 hour 31 minutes



Why Adam Sandler; Why did you have to make this movie? As many who read this site might know, I'm a fan of Adam Sandler, despite making some of the stupidest movies out there. Just when we think that he couldn't sink any lower, we get his latest "masterpiece," 'Jack and Jill.' If 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' the crap that kids get these days, and Adam Sandler's awful crew were combined with one another, we get this movie. 'Jack and Jill' stars Sandler as Jack Sadelstein, a successful TV commercial guy who has a loving wife and two (one's adopted, what do you expect) children. But what he also has yet he's not very proud of is his twin sister Jill, who basically looks like Adam Sandler, Bette Midler, and Robin Williams combined into one. Oh wait it gets better: because Jill is lonely after her mom has passed away, she won't leave Jack's house. And then there's Al Pacino, who apparently has the hots for Jill, which is to the advantage of Jack because he needs Pacino to be in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. Clever plot, right? Well that's just one of the many "hilarious" and "original" aspects of this movie, because Adam Sandler's latest flick is a certified dud.

I'm usually the one who enjoys these types of white trash flicks, but there were only one or two parts that actually kind of funny. Both of Sandler's characters are annoying as hell, and Katie Holmes is barely used. And just like the plot said, Al Pacino is in this movie playing, get this, himself! While he is the film's best character, he is relatively not funny at all, except in the final 5 minutes of the film. Why couldn't the movie be like its final 5 minutes? Oh that's right, so Adam Sandler's untalented friends could be in it. I get it Sandler; you're a very nice guy. However that doesn't stop it from them making your films trashier than they already are. Stop working with Dennis Dugan already, and make a comedy that everybody will love. Plus this film is supposed to be a family flick, hence the PG rating, but there is really nothing family oriented at all other than the family concept of the movie. There are so many racist and Anti-Semitic jokes in this flick that I just got annoyed after the second or third. Add that with a bunch of fart, poop, pee, and injury jokes and you get one hell of a bad movie.

This film currently has only one positive review and a 2% score on Rotten Tomatoes as of this posting, so that should explain something. If that doesn't explain anything, check out the parody poster of this movie that explains exactly what Sandler has been doing to us ever since 'Big Daddy' came out. Adam Sandler without a doubt is a very funny man, but this film is utter trash that only the diehard fans of Sandler or the brainless audiences will enjoy. Not even the youngest of children should be exposed to this piece of crap, because they may become even dumber than they already are. Believe me, I tried to enjoy this movie with all of my heart, but the 91 minutes and $5 spent for this flick I will never get back. 'Jack and Jill' isn't just the worst comedy of the year or the worst attempt at a family movie all year, but it is undoubtedly the single worst movie of 2011. Just do yourself a favor and see 'Puss in Boots' or rent 'Winnie the Pooh.'  At least then you can enjoy yourself rather than cringe when Jill gets herself stuck in a Mexican food aftermath joke.


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  1. Thank you for posting! Eleanor decided not to see this today but we were thinking about it.

  2. Better yet, can you tell me why Katie Holmes said no to The Dark Knight, but said yes to this?


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