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March 30, 2012 (LIMITED)
April 13, 2012 (WIDE)

Lee Hirsch

The Weinstein Company

1 hour 39 minutes



13 million kids will be bullied in school this year, 2012.  Unfortunately in many schools across the country, teachers and adults aren't doing much about bullying at all.  Even when teens commit suicide, not much is done by the people whose job is to educate and protect kids from harm’s way.  Lee Hirsch, the director of the new documentary 'Bully' has admitted that he was indeed bullied as a child, which inspired him to make this movie.  I myself have been bullied and let me tell you it's not fun at all.  While 'Bully' never sees things from the point of view of the bullies themselves, this movie is an accurate depiction of kids who happen to be different that are having a hard time getting along.  The movie sparked a lot of controversy because it was rated R for six counts of the f-bomb used.  What makes the situation even crazier is that the f-bombs are hardly noticeable at all.  In fact people just don't want to see this film much at all.  However for what it's worth, go see this film.  It may still be expanding across the country, even though that might be a little bit unlikely now that this film's been out for over a month, but if you can, go see 'Bully.'  This is an effective documentary that will both touch your heart and make you sick to your stomach.  I wish that more people went to go see this movie, but with all of the controversy and fear of bullies surrounding it, odds are not many will give this film a go.  If you can, check it out on DVD at least.  If you like the film, then it would be great if you can share your feelings on bullying to the world.  If not, you might've missed out on something.  Having been bullied before, 'Bully' is a fantastic documentary, and that's all that really needs to be said.


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