Monday, December 31, 2012


Project X

Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper


March 2, 2012

Nima Nourizadeh

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 28 minutes



In general, party movies are supposed to be fun and entertaining while not going too over the top. 'Project X' looked like it could be this generations definitive party movie, like how 'Animal House was in the 70s. Unfortunately, only the first hour is fun and entertaining. I was even on the verge of giving the film 3 or even 3 and a half stars if it wasn't for the final half hour. What happens in the final half hour of the film isn't entertaining, rather it's frightening as hell. As a concerned brother/laid back teenager, I was appalled by the "climax" of 'Project X.' Even though the first hour is over the top and extremely vulgar and raunchy, I was entertained by the douchey characters and the awesome music the DJ was booming at the party. As soon as this one thing happens to the main character Thomas that affects this friendship he has, the film spirals downhill very quickly. The chaos becomes not only unrealistic and bat-s**t crazy, but it becomes a horror film of sorts from a parental perspective.

Teens in my school never act as big of dicks as the three leads are played out to be. I really wish I could recommend this film to even teens, but sadly I cannot. When a film can't please it's own demographic, that's really saying something. If it wasn't for the finale of the film, I would actually give 'Project X' a solid recommendation. But sadly, that last half hour is there, and the entire payoff of this small-get-together turned out-of-control-party is not a good one. 'Project X' is foul, cruel, and somewhat frightening and overall not worth watching even by teens late at night on HBO or something.  This movie isn't even worth checking out for the female nudity, which isn't that impressive to begin with.

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