Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ride Along

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart


January 17, 2014

Tim Story

Universal Pictures

1 hour 40 minutes



A few weeks ago, a movie called "Ride Along," starring famed black comedians Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, came into theaters and made a lot of money.  In fact, this movie made so much money that it went on to stay #1 at the box office for 3 weeks, and has already had a sequel green lit by Universal Pictures.  My mind started to wonder, "of all of the January successes, what is so special about this one?"  Truth be told, there's nothing special in "Ride Along" whatsoever.  That's not to say that it isn't mildly entertaining, because it is.  Plus, the chemistry between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube is in fact really good, and does give off to some of the film's most entertaining moments.  Unfortunately, the typical comedic jokes are still present, the "twists" that everyone is supposed to get surprised at are still there, (and they're still able to be spotted a mile away) and the film overall just makes its audience go "meh" after watching it.  If it wasn't for the great chemistry between the film's two leads, along with some decent jokes here and there, "Ride Along" would have had people who weren't the target demographic walking out feeling bored and underwhelmed.

When the jokes do work, they really hit for the most part.  There were many times throughout the film that actually had me laughing.  However, I don't think those parts were thanks to the film's screenwriters, but rather Kevin Hart's loud, girly, and over the top acting abilities.  The screenplay itself is incredibly predictable, lame at times, and overall pretty lackluster.  The direction from Tim Story is ok, but nothing very memorable.  As a whole, "Ride Along" is a decent attempt to follow in the footsteps of "The Other Guys" and "The Heat," but overall it fails at keeping its audience fully invested, as well as to maintain the continuity of funny jokes.  This isn't the worst thing you'll see in 2014, but it's nothing to rush out to the theater to see.  Overall, "Ride Along" is an ok attempt to make a fun buddy-cop comedy, but that's only because of the great chemistry between the eccentric Kevin Hart and the tough-as-nails Ice Cube.


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