Friday, August 6, 2010

REVIEW: The Other Guys

The Other Guys

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg


August 6, 2010

Adam McKay

Columbia Pictures

1 hour 47 minutes

A- (92)



Who doesn't know who Will Ferrell is? Well if you don't, he's famous for movies like Elf, Anchorman, and Taladega Nights. Now he once again teams up with Adam McKay, whose directed Mr. Ferrell in Anchorman, Taladega Nights, and Step Brothers for The Other Guys, a stupid, absently minded movie with major talent including Markey Mark, sorry no funky bunch, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Dwayne Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson. And with all of its stupidity, from start to finish, I laughed a lot, and I do mean a lot.

There are cops that always make calls and stop crimes. And then there are The Other Guys, who just work in offices all day and have no excitement. These men include New York City detective Allen Gamble, who's a forensic accountant that's into paperwork and refuses to do fieldwork and detective Terry Hoitz, has been stuck working with Gamble since Gamble's recent transfer. After an unexpected tragedy occurs, Gamble and Hoitz must step up to the plate and help solve a crime of unspeakable money theft, while trying to get out of a lot of ridiculous situations.

What can I say: Will Ferrell is a comic genius, period. I really don't have to explain it, he just is. Mark Wahlberg is also very funny playing the serious man that also wants to spread his wings and fly, like a peacock. Adam McKay does some of the funniest work that I've ever seen him do, although it's not as funny as Taladega Nights, which happens to be one of my favorites. But this movie is very close to Taladega's superiorness. The supporting actors, like Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, and Dwayne Johnson are also incredibly funny to watch doing whatever they do in movies.

But with most Will Ferrell movies, there's a sexual side to it. I took my little sister with me to see this and personally, I felt a little bit uncomfterable and annoyed to have taken my sister to it. Uncomfterable because of the sexual content that was in it. Annoyed because my sister kept asking about words that I couldn't even explain what they meant. So a suggestion to parents is: Don't take your kids under 12 to see this movie. But overall, this is one of the funniest movies of the summer and one of the best as well. But if you really want to go to a superb comedy, I'd recommend Dinner For Schmucks since it's not really the typical summer movie you'd go to and it's just plain side splitting funny, while this one is more of the typical summer action comedy that teens would go to. But either way, they're both funny movies. So if you love Will Ferrell and/or Mark Wahlberg or just love to laugh, then you might want to go hang out with The Other Guys.


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