Saturday, August 30, 2014



Tom Hardy, Olivia Coleman


April 25, 2014

Steven Knight


1 hour 25 minutes



Ok, before you watch the trailer for this movie, (if you haven't already) I want you to look at the poster for this movie.  My guess is that the image of a man like Tom Hardy just sitting in his car with critic blurbs saying that the film is "suspenseful" and "compelling" made you think that this is some sort of action flick with violence, mobsters, and other things of that sort.  Hell, even that's what I thought this was about prior to watching it.  However, having seen the film in its 85 minute glory, I can happily say that "Locke" is compelling and suspenseful for all of the reasons you wouldn't expect just by looking at it from the poster, or even the trailer if you give that a watch.

Basically imagine a movie that takes place in one location that revolves around a man who receives a phone call that turns his life and flips it on his head.  That's the best plot description I can give you without giving too much of the story away.  All you really need to know about this movie, aside from that, is that this is a movie that is incredibly worthy of your attention and time.  In a year where indie films have flourished more than ever, "Locke" undeservedly slipped under the cracks of the people's attention, making it lost in the shuffle of all of the "Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Begin Again's" of 2014.  If you want to see arguably Tom Hardy's most raw and engaging performance to date, as well as a compelling story that relies solely on dialogue and a single performance from the sole actor in the film to keep your attention, then definitely look for "Locke" whether it's On Demand or at your local Redbox.  This is, in my opinion, one of the most well-structured, paced, and thrilling movies to have come out this year so far, and something that I would definitely watch again and again given the opportunity.

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