Friday, June 12, 2015

MINI-REVIEW: Tomorrowland


George Clooney,
Britt Robertson


May 22, 2015

Brad Bird


2 hours 10 minutes



Back in 2007, Disney released a sci-fi animated movie entitled "Meet the Robinsons," in which a young inventor is taken to a marvelous future that's at risk of being destroyed.  To this day, I still believe it has one of the most inspiring messages ever put in a Disney film, that message being to never give up and to "keep moving forward."  There are aspects of that message present in director Brad Bird's "Tomorrowland."  Imagine a world where anything is possible, from jetpacks to flying trains.  Wouldn't you want to go there?  For the first half of the film or so, we're taken to this wonderful world that is entrancing and absolutely amazing to be in and look at.  The second half of the film, without spoiling anything, doesn't give us that anymore unfortunately.  Honestly, that's one of the biggest problems "Tomorrowland" has: it feels like a series of films crammed into one.

Had this film been spread out into a trilogy, with the first film being about George Clooney's character, the second one being about Britt Robertson's character, and the third about the second half of this movie, then I feel like this story as a whole would have been more engaging and cool.  There are still great things about the film, particularly in the visuals, acting, direction, and the ideas that are presented as the story goes along.  Unfortunately, it just feels like it was all clustered into a rushed two hour movie that doesn't give its audience enough time to comprehend everything going on.  I honestly liked the film less as I walked out of the theater, but I still overall enjoyed it as a whimsical exploration into what Walt Disney had envisioned for his "Tomorrowland" attraction at the Disney parks.  "Tomorrowland" is definitely a good film, and a film I would recommend checking out on the big screen, but the true shame of it all is that this could have been a great movie.



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