Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MINI-REVIEW: Pay The Ghost

Pay The Ghost

Nicolas Cage,
Sarah Wayne Callies


September 25, 2015 (LIMTIED/VOD)

Uli Edel

RLJ Entertainment

1 hour 34 minutes



Let's get something straight: I don't hate Nicolas Cage as an actor.  Sure he doesn't often choose roles that allow him to show off his chops, but he's always entertaining to watch on screen.  Earlier this year the Cage-meister released a mediocre film called "The Runner" that, unsurprisingly, barely anyone saw or heard of.  Now it's around the time of Halloween and yet another film featuring the star of "The Wicker Man" remake is making its way out there in a similar fashion to how "The Runner" got out there.  This film is titled "Pay The Ghost," and the basic storyline involves Cage's son being abducted by a supernatural entity.  Like any parent in a supernatural thriller, Cage's Mike Cole tries any means necessary to get his son back from this pissed off spirit.

Going into movies, I like to judge them for their positive and negative aspects as well as my overall enjoyment of it.  That may explain why I enjoy so many movies, even if they're poorly received.  "Pay The Ghost," unsurprisingly, was poorly received by the vast majority of critics who saw it.  Rotten Tomatoes has it currently listed at a 6% with only one positive review to the film's name.  It may just be my positive attitude or the fact that I'm not often harsh on movies, but I didn't think this was THAT bad of a film.  There may be problems present in the film, such as the mediocre acting from child actor Jack Fulton, the cheap as hell jump scares, and the overly predictable nature of the story itself, but honestly they didn't make the movie itself horrible.  The performances from Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies are solid, the story is engaging, the directing fine, and the movie as a whole is enjoyable entertainment that is worth a watch at home.  It may not be up there with some of Cage's best movies, but it's much better than a lot of his other recent VOD-released movies.

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