Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REVIEW: People, Places, Things

People, Places, Things

Jemaine Clement, Regina Hall


August 14, 2015 (LIMITED/VOD)

Jim Strouse

The Film Arcade,

1 hour 26 minutes



Jemaine Clement is one of those guys who can just charm the pants off of you once he enters the room and lets his New-Zealand accent flow out of his mouth.  His presence in the indie "People, Places, Things" is a welcoming one, and his character overall is someone who is engaging to watch throughout.  This film, coming to us from writer/director Jim Strouse, tells the story of a newly single father of twins.  After finding his wife cheating on him, he tries to juggle his life between raising twin girls, teaching college students how to become artists while he himself aspires to be a great graphic novelist, and keeping his romantic life in order.  This is a movie where nothing gigantic is featured in terms of telling the story, and yet every single thing put on screen feels necessary and vital to the film itself.

Aside from Clement giving hands down the best performance of his career, his chemistry with both Regina Hall and his younger co-stars bring an overall likability to the story and the cast.  Strouse manages to take realistic and harsh situations in life and give them an extremely authentic and sweet feel to it, making this 86 minute indie comedy incredibly joyous to watch.  It may be predictable, and it may have characters you might have seen before, but that doesn't take away from how charming, hilarious, and lovable this movie is as a whole.  It may just be the sympathetic hopeless romantic inside me saying this, but I really loved watching this movie.  Even when this light-hearted romp gets serious and dramatic, the emotions feel light and never too forced or over-bearing.  "People, Places, Things" is a simple, yet effective indie comedy that I'd highly recommend checking out before the year is up.  I have nothing bad to say about this, and I cannot wait to watch it again when time permits.

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