Tuesday, March 31, 2009

REVIEW: Monsters VS Aliens (In IMAX 3D)


Monsters VS Aliens The IMAX 3D Experience

Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen

March 27, 2009


Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman

DreamWorks Pictures

1hour 36 minutes




Get ready fror a 3D adventure filled with action, adventure, and B.O.B. Monsters VS Aliens is about a woman named Susan Murphy who has an unexpected turn on her wedding day, since she gets hit by a meteor which makes her grow into a 50ish foot woman. Then, the military knock her unconcious. Once Susan wakes up, she finds herself locked inside a secret military facility filled with monsters, which include a 500,000 year old fish man named The Missing Link and an indestructable gelatnous form named B.O.B. But, when an alien comes to Earth to claim the power that was from the meteor, it's Monsters VS Aliens! This movie is the ultimate 3D experience. Any kid would enjoy this fun rollar coaster. My suggestion, see it in 3D, otherwise it makes no sense to see it at all. SO GO SEE MONSTERS VS ALIENS OR ELSE...

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