Sunday, March 15, 2009

REVIEW: Race To Witch Mountain

Race To Witch Mountain

Dwayne Johnson, Carla Guingo

March 13, 2009


Andy Fickmen

Walt Disney Pictures

1 hour 39 minutes




If you kids and adults liked Dwayne Johnson in The Game Plan (or Get Smart), then get ready for a rollar coaster disney film called Race To Witch Mountain. This film is about a Las Vegas cab driver with a juvy record named Jack Bruno (Johnson) who stumbles along two teenager kids who appear in his taxi. He then finds out that these two kids have paranormal powers and are indeed aliens from a different galaxy 3000 light years away. Suddenly, he is pulled into an adventure to save the two worlds before the invasion begins. This film was awsome for people who enjoy classic action films and the original book and original films made in the 1970s. Adults will enjoy this film too. And to make it Disney, there is a good amount of comedy put into this action packed adventure. Trust me, if you didn't see it yet, go see it in theaters. It is an awsome thrill ride.

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