Friday, May 22, 2009

REVIEW: Night At The Museum Battle Of The Smithsonian

Night At The Museum
Battle Of The Smithsonian

Ben Stiller, Amy Adams

May 22, 2009


Shawn Levy

20th Century Fox

1hr 45mins




Finally, a sequal that is really outstanding for the kids and adults of all ages. Night At The Museum 2 takes place a couple of years after the 1st one, where we find that Larry Daley owns his own company where he invents creative things. One day he visits the Museum Of Natural History, the place where he worked as a night guard in the first film where he sees that every exhibit but Teddy, The Easter Island etc. will be shipped to the underground storage of the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Larry then spends on last night with the exhibits. Then the next night while Larry is with his son, he recieves a call from Jedadiah, a miniature cowboy from the museum tells him that Aukhmanrah, the pharaoh who created the tablet that makes the exhibits come to life has a brother and is trying to destroy him and the rest of the exhibits. Larry then goes to Washington D.C. to find out what's going on under the Smithsonian at night. This movie was a great experience for all ages and will be loved by audiances everywhere. But what made this movie so genuine was the story, cast, and humor. So, just go see this movie this Memorial Day weekend. Also, there are some people you will recgonize in this movie. (Look out for the flying churrubs)


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