Sunday, May 24, 2009

REVIEW: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale,
Sam Worthington

May 22, 2009


Warner Bros.


2 hours 10 minutes




Even though I haven't seen the original films, I still understand the story. This really followed the story and was really good, but it just had something that I didn't enjoy; but I can't figure out what that is. Terminator Salvation opens up in the year 2003, before Judgement Day where we meet Marcus Wright, a death row inmate who is now in the Longview Correctional Facility. One day, he meets Dr Serena Kogan , a representative of Cyberdyne Systems. She is meeting with Marcus to talk about him donating his organs and tissue to what he believes is a good cause. He accepts and during the procedure he falls unconsious. Marcus wakes up 15 years later in the year 2018 to find a desolated downtown Los Angeles and a desert wilderness that was once the San Fransisco valley. He then meets a young girl named Star and a teenaged version of Kyle Reese. Marcus is then told the three of them are the only survivors in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, John Conner, the leader of the resistance against Skynet, the program that creates the terminators is investigating some old sound clips of his mother, Sarah Connor and finding weaknesses of Skynet. That's all I want to say for now, but just to quote, "This is John Connor and if you're listening to this, you are the resistance." This movie was really entertaining, but don't expect a movie all about Christian Bale's character, John Conner. I would say this was mostly about Marcus Wright, who is personally my favorite character. PLus, the setting and effects work perfectly with this film. I mean, this wasn't the best movie of the year but it's definately worth seeing in theaters. CAUTION: this movie is not for kids despite its PG-13 rating and it's REALLY loud so bring ear plugs if you're smart.


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