Thursday, April 1, 2010

REVIEW: The Last Song

The Last Song

Miley Cyrus,
Liam Hensworth


March 31, 2010

Julie Anne Robinson

Touchstone Pictures (Disney)

1 hour 47 minutes




Because of all of the lousy reviews The Last Song was getting, I wasn't so excited to see this film. But my sister wanted to go so I said, What The Hell? And you know what, I actually enjoyed it! The Last Song is about Ronnie, a pre-college woman who goes with his brother to live with her divorced dad for the summer. Unfortunately, Ronnie hates her father because of the divorce. But the main passion they both care is the power of music. This will be a summer they won't forget. Miley Cyrus, of Hannah Montana fame doesn't give a Sandra Bullock, Blind Side role, but she still gives a performance that deserves recognition. Another preformance that could get some Oscar buzz is Greg Kinnear's role of Ronnie's dad. His performance can touch the hearts of a lot of people in the audience. I actually liked this a lot more than Nicholas Sparks' recent big screen adaptation, Dear John. I also want to point out that this film is intended for tweens over the age of 9. This film is an emotional, mildly dark, and humorous film that young Hannah Montana fans wouldn't get or they'd be upset to see A.) Miley Cyrus crying and being all emotional and B.) Miley Cyrus saying the word "bitch" which even though was intended for a laugh, parents would be angry and concerned. Luckily, my sister, who is 9 was mature enough to handle this movie. I was actually the only guy in the ENTIRE theater during my screening. In a way, I wasn't surprised about that because of Miley Cyrus. But people don't realize that Miley CAN act. Whether it's being a teen pop star or a gothic music loving teenager. I'd recommend checking this out, not because I'm saying that, but for the inner music and heart inside of you, kind of like August Rush, another music film. So what I'm saying is, go see or rent The Last Song. It is worth your extra $25.



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