Saturday, April 3, 2010

REVIEW: Old Dogs

Old Dogs

John Travolta,
Robin Williams

November 25, 2009

Walt Becker

Walt Disney Pictures

1 hour 28 minutes




This movie felt like another version of Bedtime Stories, middle aged people raising little kids. Though the story and script are weak, the main thing that rises the film is its supporting and cameo roles. Old Dogs is about Dan and Charlie. Dan is a two time divorce and Charlie is just a player. One day, Dan sees his old wife for the first time in 7 years and gives Dan big news. He has twins. So Dan and Charlie, because Viki, Dan's ex wife is going to jail must take care of the kids for two weeks and learn to be better parents and better friends. This movie was okay. That's all I can say. Okay. What this movie lacked is the script and storyline. Walt Becker, who directed the insanley hilarious Wild Hogs makes little effort to make an enjoyable family film and only provide us with pointless jokes that 5 year olds would enjoy. The only good performance in this film is Bernie Mac's final performance as Jimmy Lunchbox, a child's performer. He made the best role in every film he did and he WILL be missed. I wouldn't recommend seeing this film, but if there's nothing on TV and that's on, Watch it. You might get a couple of laughs.

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