Friday, June 25, 2010

REVIEW: Grown Ups

Grown Ups

Adam Sandler, Kevin James,
Chris Rock, David Spade,
Rob Schneider


June 25, 2010

Dennis Dugan

Columbia Pictures

1 hour 50 minutes




Adam Sandler, who's had his share of starring flops in the pass few years, he finally gets the perfect comedy with the help of some of his friends, like Kevin James and Chris Rock. After hearing about the passing of their coach whom they won his only championship before, five friends, along with their families rent a lake house for the Fourth Of July weekend to celebrate their lives. Going into it, I knew it was going to make me laugh but I still had low expectations. But I still wanted to go anyway, since this was a free screening of it a few days before it's release date. The theater was packed and the audience was ready to laugh. After seeing this, all I can say is that this is the funniest movie people will see ALL summer, with its only competition for this position is Steve Carell's Dinner For Schmucks and Will Ferrell's The Other Guys. I know this position is a little bizarre for a Sandler flick, but I laughed so hard that I laughed, cried, and nearly choked at the same time. This movie has so many sexual, breast feeding, and fart jokes that I couldn't care less about how many were there, just that every single one was so funny. also, there was no character that was the funniest because every character had several parts that made them stand out over the others in that scene. But if I do have to have favorite actors in this movie, it has to be a direct tie with Rob Schneider and David Spade. (SPOILER AND PG-13 LANGUAGE, If you can call it that) Another group of funny characters werethe eldest sons of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, who constantly kept checking out Rob Schneider's hot daughters, hence calling the kids perverted and giving them props for having great taste in women. (END) I do also want to point out that I felt a little uncomfortable seeing my little sister, who's 9 by the way watching this. But I do want to point out that this Sandler comic fest is drowned with sexual content that's not appropriate for kids under 12. But if you're looking for a load of summer hilarity with some of comedy's funniest modern men, then take your chances on Adam Sandler's summer hit, Grown Ups.


The Other Guys

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  1. I can't place it when people say a show was so questionable, I have watch Grown Ups, yet it was witless, so they elasticity it 5 stars out of ten. This picture was fountainhead worth the $10 listing value, much than I can say for a lot of flix these life. If you same Designer Sandler or Kevin Psychologist, or upright understand the sentiency of nutrition all these guys human (which is pretty straightforward slapstick gratify from a accumulation of stand-up comedians), then you won't be frustrated. Yes, untouched disclosure, I am a fan of all the primary send members. But folks, there is ground Sandler is making 25 mil off this pic, which doe
    grow support for solon.


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