Thursday, July 1, 2010

REVIEW: Meet The Fockers

Meet The Fockers

Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller


December 22, 2004

Jay Roach

Universal Pictures,
DreamWorks Pictures

1 hour 56 minutes




Meet The Parents was probably the funniest movie of 2000. Four years later, a sequel called Meet The Fockers came out, and it was actually one of the funniest sequels I've seen in my life so far. Greg (Gaylord) Focker had to spend a weekend with his fiance's parents, one of which is an ex member of the CIA. Now, Greg, Pam (his fiance), and Pam's parents must spend a weekend with Greg's parents, the Fockers. Well, the problem with Greg's parents is that, his mom is a sex therapist for senior citizens and his dad is a former lawyer that loves family. This is going to turn into an interesting weekend. All I can say is, this movie is just plain funny. It's filled with so many jokes that you can hardly say which one's your favorite. The entire cast does a terrific job at making a funny movie for the audience to love. But if you're a teenager like me who enjoyed the first one, this sequel has A LOT more sexual content than the first one, most of the time including a rubber breast for breast feeding. But most of the sexual content teenagers would understand and laugh at. There are also some funny scenes with Pam's family cat, Jinxie and Greg's family dog, Moses. I would also like to point out that this movie leads perfectly into another sequel. (Coming this Christmas) Overall, Meet The Fockers is a very funny sequel that anyone over the age of 12 would really really enjoy. So if you love comedy of any sorts or a big Ben Stiller or Robert De Niro fan, then watch Meet The Fockers, the smash hit sequel to Meet The Parents.

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