Sunday, August 1, 2010

REVIEW: Dinner For Schmucks

Dinner For Schmucks

Steve Carell, Paul Rudd


July 30, 2010

Jay Roach

Paramount Pictures,
DreamWorks Pictures

1 hour 54 minutes

A+ (100)



In the year 2010, the movie industry has given audiences all over the world very few good movies and a lot of bad movies. But one comedy, probably one of the best movies of the year so far shines the brightest. That movie, is Dinner For Schmucks. In the movie, we meet two very different men. Tim Conrad lives with his beautiful girlfriend in a nice apartment and works in finance and is competing for a big promotion. Barry Speck is a single man who spends his time building "mousterpieces" which consist of dead mouse bodies made into works of art. In order for Tim to get the promotion he needs, he must bring an idiot to his boss' annual dinner for idiots, where guests bring idiots and crown one of them at the end of the night the "honorary" idiot, in which the attendee has no idea about. So in a chance encounter, Tim finds the solution to his problem: Barry. But as these two spend time together, they make an interesting, yet unlikely friendship, even with the problems they encounter along the way.

If there was an Academy Award for Best Comedy of the year, this movie would surely get my vote as of right now, since I haven't seen Will Ferrell's The Other Guys yet. Steve Carell, who is mostly known for his outrageous humor in films like Date Night and The 40 Year Old Virgin does a terrific job of playing a complete idiot, but at the same time makes a fool out of himself and enjoys it, making him the funniest and best character in the movie. Other supporting actors, like The Hangover's Zach Galifianakis and Flight Of The Conchords' Jemaine Clement are hilarious to watch making a big fool out of themselves. Other funny actors in this movie could include Molly Shannon, Jeff Dunham, and Octavia Spencer, whom the last two are some of the "schmucks" in the dinner scene.

The movie relies on sexual content, vulgar language, and slapstick comedy, which isn't a bad thing, but makes the audience asking for seconds when the credits begin rolling. Personally, If you don't enjoy the first two thirds of the movie, the ending would be what everyone, including the haters of those first two thirds are waiting for, because it has the funniest, and wildest jokes in the entire two hour length. Overall, I loved the movie. Although I can admit that Jay Roach, whose probably most famous for directing the terrific Austin Powers and Meet The Parents' series', brings out almost every single sexual joke in this. My dad, whom accompanied me to the movie, and I both agreed that this could've been rated R, but probably wasn't since, like Mr. Roach's previous works didn't have nudity after women's mildly revealing clothes and buttock's, plus no F-bombs in presence. But if your someone over the age of 13 (which is my age,) and/or get ALL or most of the sexual jokes boiled into the movie, then it's absolutely worth seeing. So, as a teenager, I would recommend anyone older than my age to go out and have a nice Dinner For Schmucks.


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  1. This is a really good review! Personally i found that throughout the movie i felt a rising sense of trepidation due to the fact that the one guys's life was being destroyed by Barry. I definitely thought it was really very humorous however. And thanks to this review I am planning to see it again once it comes out on DVD so that I can see that last scene and get the best part of the movie!

  2. hilarious movie, was only surpassed by the person whose company i enjoyed while seeing it!


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