Saturday, December 25, 2010

REVIEW: Little Fockers

Little Fockers

Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller


December 22, 2010

Paul Weitz

Universal Pictures,
Paramount Pictures

1 hour 38 minutes

B (84)



Is it just me or am I seriously "focked" up? Yes, Jack Brynes and Greg "Gaylord" Focker are back for more mischif in Little Fockers, the third installment in the Parents/Fockers series. But believe it or not, this was a disappointment for me. Ok I can admit that this movie was indeed funny, but it mostly relied on tons of sex jokes to occupy a 100 minute running time. But still, the movie was still funny enough for me to slightly recommend it. It's not as hilarious as Meet The Parents or Meet The Fockers, but itis still nice to see these characters back again, along with some new but uninspired characters.

Little Fockers takes us to approx. 6 years after we last saw the Byrnes/Fockers cause shenanagins. Now Greg and Pam have finally settled down with two adorable little twins of there's, while everyone else is the same old same old. We are now celebrating these twins turning five, but it's theplotline between Greg and a new sex drug client he has that sets the sparks off for Jack Byrnes, the always retired CIA agent. Now Greg and his family must deal with their families possibly one last time before Greg suceeds Jack into becomming "The God-Focker."

Now like I said this movie isn't nearly as good as the first two. Let me tell why this is. First off, the story was a bit predictable and uninspired. I understand that in the 2nd movie, Pam becomes pregnant, but they could've at least made the kids a little more interesting. Second off, all of the new characters I believe were not good at all. Jessica Alba, lovelyas always plays a spokesperson for a new Viagra like pill, and she has a thing for Ben Stiller's character. Now if it's an attractive woman sponsering a sex drug, you can tell what's going to happen. The other characters in this movie, including Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel had very small roles for their big names. Ifelt that we should've explored these characters more insteadof just them being there.

Now with the original characters, they are all basically the same as they were in the original two, instead of expanding their boundries. arbra Streistand and Dustin Hoffman, who play Ben Stiller's parents, had very small roles for being on the poster. I felt that both Streistand and Hoffman should've had bigger roles, instead of being seen for only 20 minutes total. Other than that, all of the original characters, especially Owen Wilson's character Kevin were hilarious for what they were, which was fine with me, just in case you were wondering.

So overall, Little Fockers did not live up to my expectations. I mean, it was a funny movie when it wanted to be funny, but the movie was just a bit too mature to be PG-13, like Dinner For Schmucks, for example. Actually, what both the "Schmucks" and the "Fockers" have in common with teachother is that they were both directed by Jay Roach, who also directed the Austin Powers series. Actually, he didn't direct this movie, Paul Weitz did, which kind of explains why this didn't live up to the original two. But it's because of the jokes and the fact that we get to see these characters once again for me to recommend this movie. But this is NOT a theater movie at all; it's more of a redbox rental when you're bored type of movie. But I can't prevent people from seeing this movie in theaters, I can only share my opinion. Some may like this movie, others will hate this movie. Me, I'm in the middle of all of those people. So would I go to meet the Little Fockers? Only on a DVD rental.


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