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Madeline Carrol, Callan McAuliffe


August 6, 2010

Rob Reiner

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 30 minutes

A+ (99)



Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride. What do those movies all have in common? Rob Reiner, of course! Of all of those classics I mentioned, the only one I saw was The Princess Bride, and I barely remember it. I haven't seen the other two for one deadly letter: R!! So in the meantime, I managed to watch my first emerable Rob Reiner movie, that combines the setting of Stand By Me, and the reality of "boy metts girl" situations. This movie is called Flippped, which is based on the acclaimed book from a few years back. And my g-d, this was an outstanding!

When the first time Bryce Lasky and Julie Baker, they both had oppiosite feelings for eachother. Bryce nearly despises this mysterious creature, while Julie is lovestruck by Bryce's big eyes. As the years go, they both have the same feelings towards eachother, but it's in 8th grade that changes everything. 8th grade is when everything in the world is "flipped" over, and very few things can change back.

In times when boys like me are experiencing hormonal changes in life, here comes a movie based on an acclaimed book that talks about the experiences both young boys and girls have when they experience their first crushes. Flipped captures exactly what reality is for adolescent boys and girls, also including pointers for the adolescents watching this movie. I personally believe that ALL teens should watch this movie with a big and open mind, and not judge it from the trailer. (attached below) This actually brings me to a big point in teenage lives:

Kids in my middle school, including some of my closest friends have already started dating as early as 6th grade. I really don't get how you could date at all in middle school. I mean, how do you possibly get around to places. Perhaps the kids in my school and the other middle school in my town feel that dating isn't really much and don't really understand the purpose of actually dating, which is two people who like eachother and want to test out a relationship between themselves. I know that whoever I know from either school might bash on me for saying this, but it's the honest to goodness truth: If you really want to start dating right, instead of announcing to the school that you're dating which is merely talking in hallways and hanging out at their houses after schools, wait untill high school, so you can experience the power of dating and love when the time comes.

Getting back to the movie, this is personally one of my 10 favorite movies of the year. I have never seen a more moving and realistic movie like this before, unless it was a reality-based movie. Almost everything in this movie was just perfect to see. The cast was perfectly chosen, the setting was beautiful to look at at parts, and Rob Reiner is the perfect director for this movie. The one bad thing about this movie that I can complain about is the running time. The movie is only a mear 90 minutes, which is really disappointing since this movie could've been longer. But the best thing about this movie is that each scene in this movie is described from the point of view from either Bryce or Julie, which basically shows us the same scene from the previous one, but from the point of view of either Bryce or Julie. That is just one of the many things that makes Flipped so flippin' good.

So overall, and I can't stop saying this, Flipped is a teriffic movie. I loved how Rob Reiner could take the basic teenage life and mold it into a work of art, with the help of the book for which the movie is based on. After seeing this, I want to rush over to my local library and get a copy, then compare the book to the movie. I would strongly recommend anyone, especially teens like me to see this movie, because it shows the troubles, ups, and downs of the average teen's life, both socially, mentally, family, and school related. So to all of my readers, what is it like for you to get "Flipped"?

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