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REVIEW: Abduction


Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins


September 23, 2011

John Singleton


1 hour 46 minutes



Behold, ladies and gentlemen: the stupidest, yet somewhat fun movie of the year.  'Abduction' is Taylor Lautner's attempt to break out of the 'Twilight' movies and into more mainstream productions.  I'm just going to say flat out that I enjoyed this movie for all the reasons why it's so mediocre.  In no way is this film a masterpiece, let alone a fantastic movie.  However, considering the fact that this movie is currently bombing with critics with a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the fact that the trailers weren't the most impressive, I had myself one hell of a fun time.  The audience was clearly into it, clapping at random parts, "aww"ing when Lautner and Collins are cuddling/frenching, and were just mainly into the film.  People will be shocked by my reaction to the film, but I'm just saying that if you go in expecting pure cheese for two hours, with A-list stars featured in nice supporting roles, you will enjoy 'Abduction.'  I wouldn't recommend this to my buddies, mainly because they don't want to be in a theater filled with screaming girls.  Then again, I do recall a few college guys there by themselves enjoying the film.  College guys, who were straight, enjoying an action movie starring a werewolf.  I highly doubt that this movie will be very successful, considering the small number of Taylor Lautner fans out there.  But for what it's worth, this is a solid and fun action movie.  If a half hour in you start to hate on the movie, walk out!  There's always 'Moneyball' or 'Dolphin Tale' to check out, along with many more films to come this weekend. 

Imagine if your life wasn't what it seemed.  Imagine if your popularity, your parents, your NAME, was all a complete lie?  Well that's the story of Nathan Harper's life, who has only recently found out that everything in his life is not what it seems.  So chaos ensues, the government starts chasing Nathan and his somewhat life long friend/neighbor/high school crush Karen.  If you can handle this interesting plot, so-so acting, and crazy action sequences, then you may be one of the few people who enjoy 'Abduction.'  The story for example is not original at all, which is something to expect from a teen action flick.  In the split second it takes for Nathan and Karen to go on the run and become fugitives, you know EXACTLY what is going to happen at the end of the film.  This is one of the many flaws that the movie presents, so don't go in expecting a pitch perfect flick.  The script isn't well written, the acting is disappointing at times, and the last half hour of the movie is an advertisement for the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Boo, I'm a Phillies fan!)  The movie is pure cheese without a doubt, but there was just something in the cheese that made me enjoy this mediocrity, yet fun film.

As I just said, the acting isn't the best it could have been.  The well formed supporting cast, including Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, and Jason Issacs are good, but not as good as they should have been.  Of the supporting cast members, my personal favorite was Issacs as Nathan's "dad."  Not only was he the most influential on Nathan, but he was the most badass person in the whole film, despite only being in it for the first 25 minutes.  If there is anyone in this movie who at least should get some recgonition for being good, then it should be Lucius Malfoy himself.  Sigourney Weaver is in the movie for about 10 minutes, and I wondered while coming out out of the theater "Why was she in this movie?"  Whether it's because there was nothing else to do, I felt that Weaver's talent was wasted miserably.  As for Molina, he was solid enough, but he wasn't as much of a menacing villain as he was back in 2004 when he played one of superhero's best movie menaces, Doc Ock in 'Spider Man 2.'  The rest of the supporting cast includes Maria Bello and Denzel Whittaker, who were fine, but unneeded for the most part.  If you're looking on what I thought of Taylor Lautner's acting chops, then just read the next paragraph and find out...

I've been familiar with Taylor Lautner ever since he starred in such 2005 (a bad movie year) kiddie films as 'The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D' and 'Cheaper By the Dozen 2.'  Then 'Twilight' came out in 2008, and everyone knew exactly who he was.  I guess that this is Taylor Lautner's way of saying that he wants to be like Robert Pattinson when Pattinson starred in adult films like 'Remember Me' and 'Water for Elephants.'  Let me just tell you flat out that his acting was okay.  Nothing fantastic like Pattinson when getting out of 'Twilight,' but fine enough.  I can see that Lautner was only being a pretty boy trying to look cool with epic stunts.  The girls will be in theaters seats no doubt, but critics who are looking for a fantastic performance by a young actor will be squirming like a baby to get out of the film ASAP.  As for Lautner's co star Lily Collins, she was the female equivalent of Lautner, with all of my Lautner comments also directly towards Collins.  Don't expect a great story or good acting here, folks, because you will walk out very sad that you spent $20 on movie tickets.

A Predictable storyline, so-so acting, and over the top cheese make 'Abduction' a stupid, corny, but enjoyable flick.  The movie does promise an interesting career for young Lautner, who's just finishing up the series 'Harry Potter' style with a two part finale, Part 1 coming out in November, while Part 2 comes out next November.  I doubt that 'Twilight' fans, or "Twi-hards" will really hate this movie, then again I doubt they'll love it with all of their hearts.  Anyone outside of the demographic for which this film was made for will stop at nothing to hate this movie with all of their body, mind, and soul.  I would say to fans of Lautner that if they really want to check this out, wait for the DVD release, as there will be a nice absence of girls screaming when Lautner and Collins make out or when Lautner is shirtless. (Luckily he's shirtless only in one scene, which is about 5 minutes into the film) If you watch or go into this movie expecting something just really stupid, yet entertaining in some ways, then you will enjoy 'Abduction' for what it is: a cheesy movie with a bad script, so so acting, and a predictable ending.  If you see this with any other expectations, then you will be in the same category that the 97% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes who bashed this film are currently in.  The title of the film 'Abduction' actually has no relation to the film itself.  That's only because 'Taken' and 'Unknown' were already made, and they are better films with old school Liam Nesson.


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