Saturday, November 10, 2012

REWIND REVIEW: What To Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect
When You're Expecting

Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks


May 18, 2012

Kirk Jones


1 hour 50 minutes



Every woman in the world has a different experience when they're pregnant. For some, it can be soothing and rewarding. For others, it can be tiring and excruciating. For some who watch 'What To Expect When You're Expecting,' they might finish it and say to themselves "that was awful," like what I did. If 'Valentine's Day' or 'New Year's Eve' actually got knocked up, then this would be the end result. It's kind of a shame that there are some talented actors and actresses, like Anna Kendrick and Chris Rock, are forced to be put into places where the audience is either suppose to feel emotional or laugh consistently. Elizabeth Banks, Kendrick, Rock, and 'Glee's' Matthew Morrison were among the handful of performances that were actually tolerable. Other actors/actresses, like Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, and Dennis Quaid, were all turning in sloppy and mediocre performances that are so poor that they might want to consider either A.) getting a new agent or B.) finding another way to make some money.

The direction in the film is decent, but the script is all over the place. Some of the storylines actually connect with one another, while others are just there because somebody said "Hey, we can get so and so to be in this movie. Quick, write a new storyline for them!"  Overall, 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' is an unsatisfying romantic dramady with some interesting elements and some decent performances but many other bad performances and a jumbled script. Clearly this film wasn't made for me, but at least guys should be able to find some legit enjoyment in a film instead of staring at the attractive women and not caring what is going on. There are many other movies about pregnancy, like 'Juno' for example, that know how to entertain anyone who sees it. I expected something better than this miscarriage.

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  1. I actually reviewed this on my blog today and I must say, I enjoyed it, well, me being a girl, that's probably why. And I agree, it doesn't really appeal to men as a whole, but in some aspects, such as the dudes group. I absolutely adored Elizabeth Banks and I agree about Brooklyn Decker's character isn't up to bar like how she was in Just Go With It, this wasn't a good performance on her part. Great reivew. Love to see younger movie reviews, like myself out here.


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