Thursday, October 24, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow

Roy Abramsohn,
Elena Schuber


October 11, 2013

Randy Moore


1 hour 30 minutes



Of all of the movies I have seen this year, "Escape From Tomorrow" is without a doubt the strangest of them all.  This is a movie that has been widely talked about since its Sundance premiere back in January because of one tiny little gimmick: the entire movie was shot in secrecy, or in the proper term "guerrilla" style, at both of the Disney parks without the studio having a single idea that it was happening.  While this would normally sound like a gimmick with any other movie, "Escape From Tomorrow" uses these parks as anything but.  Director Randy Moore manages to make what is known as "The Happiest Place On Earth" and turns it into a disturbing nightmare of fake turkey, princesses being sold off as prostitutes, and more unlike anything you've ever seen stamped to the Disney corporation.

The acting might not be the best, and the special effects may look pretty fake and unrealistic, but the purpose of this movie is to tell a story, and let me tell you, it tells a complex and fascinating story.  I've seen this film twice and have only liked it more upon repeated viewings, as well as talking about my theories on what the hell was going on.  This is a trippy and confusing movie, but a polarizing and good film as well.  It's nothing that I'll rush to watch again, but it is definitely something that cannot be forgotten.  For a film that delves into the psychosis of a man who has just been fired on his last day of vacation, it really delivers.  And to those who were wondering, this will not make you dislike or look at Disney in a different light; it just shows how crazy families can become in the happiest place on Earth.  That shouldn't deter from your overall opinion of the movie, but regardless of whether you hate or love this movie after you're done watching, this is still a film you have to see to believe.

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