Thursday, October 17, 2013


Movie 43

Too Many Actors To List


January 25, 2013

Too Many Directors To List

Relativity Media

1 hour 34 minutes



Whenever Dennis Quaid has an idea for a movie, it's probably best to stay as far away from it as possible.  That is, unless he holds you at gunpoint, in which you totally lie to him and give him a fake check for his movie.  That is what Greg Kinear's character should have done in one of the many painful shorts in the terrible raunch-fest that is "Movie 43."  Here is a movie that takes all of these big celebrities, ranging from Academy Award Winners like Kate Winslet and Halle Berry to annoying actors like Kate Bosworth and Sean William-Scott, and puts them in a series of unfunny shorts that try incredibly hard to be as raunchy and as crude as humanly possible.  Aside from the opening skit featuring Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman on a blind date, which I will admit I laughed pretty hard at, the film is overall pretty bad.

The jokes are tasteless, the stories are stupid, and the movie tries way to hard to be edgy and as R rated as possible.  I mean seriously, if they wanted to make a funny segment about a girl getting her first period or an iPod ripoff in the form of a life-size, naked woman (guess where the fan is), they would have gotten a better writer and done something creative with it.  Comedy these days, while there are some exceptions, seems like it's trying to rehash the same old crap that audiences pay top bill over every weekend, so to see celebrities, well-regarded celebrities even, doing something as awful as this, it just further shows that they want money.  I will give the filmmakers credit though: at least Adam Sandler or Tyler Perry didn't have any sort of role here.  Then again, they were probably shooting "Temptation" and "Grown Ups 2" when this was filming, so I guess it all evens out.

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