Thursday, November 7, 2013


Frances Ha

Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner


May 17, 2013

Noah Baumbach

IFC Films

1 hour 26 minutes



"Frances Ha" is less a movie and more a series of vignettes strung together and are all about the same character and her misadventures in her journey in life as a struggling 27 year old in modern New York. I guess if there was an exact plot to the film, it would be that Frances' roommate and best friend is moving out, so Frances has to find other means of living.  And this entire film is her struggling journey to find a place to live, as well as to figure out what the hell she wants to do in life and be successful at.  Through all of her misery, however, is an entertaining, dry, and very funny movie that is worth seeing depending if you like films that aren't told in a traditional way.  Greta Gerwig carries this film with not only her fantastic and realistic performance, but also with the script that she co-wrote with her husband/ the film's director Noah Baumbach, whose direction is also quite great.  The film as a whole might not appeal to the masses, but for those who want to see a story that can be easily related to life itself, as in with no proper beginning or ending, then you may enjoy "Frances Ha."  It is a slow burner and is dry for the most part, but it is overall an entertaining, quirky, and funny movie worth checking out before 2013 clocks out.

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