Friday, November 8, 2013


Grown Ups 2

Adam Sandler, Kevin James,
Chris Rock, David Spade


July 12, 2013

Dennis Dugan

Columbia Pictures

1 hour 41 minutes



Well then, if you're reading this just to see me tear this movie a new one, then I shall redirect you to my review of "The Counselor."  Look, here's the thing about "Grown Ups 2:" it is probably the single stupidest and most juvenile thing I've seen all year without a single doubt in my mind.  What else would you expect from an unnecessary sequel to a film Adam Sandler made just so he and his buddies could go on vacation and make money doing it once again?  Having said that, I could see that Sandler and his buddies were having a good time making this film, and my gosh, I had fun watching this movie.  If there was an actual plot to talk about, I guess it would be that the characters from the first movie trying to make the best of the last day of school.

The jokes are all physical and are neither clever or revolutionary, yet I laughed at them as if I was a stoned-out-of-my-mind 4th grader.  The amount of celebrities in this movie, which ranges from Taylor Lautner to Shaquille O'Neal, is ridiculous, and yet they were all fun to watch.  The acting is effortless and over the top, but still fun to see.  If you're expecting a smart comedy with this movie, then you clearly have never seen an Adam Sandler comedy that came out after 1998 before.  If you want to watch an extremely stupid, mindless, and fun comedy, then "Grown Ups 2" is the film for you.  Only somebody with the mindset of an immature child can enjoy this movie, and I'm not ashamed to say that I possess this particular kind of mind in my corrupted skull.

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