Friday, May 21, 2010

PIXAR TOP 10: #5 Monsters Inc.

Although the original Shrek was better and did win the Oscar in 2002, Monsters, Inc. still provides enough laughs to edge past Up as my back of the top 5. Monsters Inc, of course sets up a world behind a child's closet and into the world of Monsters behind their and are actually afraid of little kids/humans. So, when a child enters the monster world, it's up to a one eyed midget monster and the scariest monster in town to get her back to our world. Every time I watch this movie, it always gives me a good laugh on the inside to think that monsters might actually be afraid of us instead of the other way around. This movie can also encourage little kids to believe that the monsters are afraid of us and on the inside they are lovable, funny things. Plus, you can't beat the lovable and comedic Billy Crystal as a one eyed ball with hands and feet name Mike and John Goodman as a funny and giant blue monster with purple spots named Sully. And if you love this movie, PIXAR is finally batching up a sequel to this movie which is supposed to come out in late 2012. (If we're still here) So, if you enjoy PIXAR movies like Up & The Incredibles, then check out one of their earlier classics as you will enter the world of Monsters, Inc.


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