Saturday, May 22, 2010

REVIEW: Shrek Forever After In 3D

Shrek Forever After

Mike Myers,
Eddie Murphy


May 21, 2010

Mike Mitchell

DreamWorks Animation

1 hour 33 minutes




Shrek, the lovable, green ogre we all know and love is finally making his final curtain call on the big screen after nearly a decade, and does it in a way that makes us believe that there is still a happily ever after, even if during the journey there are a few stinky sequels that wish that they weren't made. (COUGH: Shrek The Third) In what is known as The Final Chapter, we find Shrek, Fiona, and the rest of the gang after "Happily Ever After" where Shrek, instead of being a ferocious monster is now a domesticated creature. Instead of scaring away villagers, he's signing their pitchforks. So one day, Rumplestilskin, the magical trikster from our storybooks come and gives Shrek a deal: He can be a regular Ogre for a day if Rumple can take away one day in Shrek's life. So Shrek signs away, and creates a world; An alternate world that he never existed in where Donkey is a slave, Puss In Boots is a fat couch potato, and he and Fiona, his one true love have never met. So now, Shrek has 24 hours to set everything right before he disappers from existence entirely. Shrek Forever After is the one Shrek sequel I actually enjoyed as much as the original. As a matter of fact, this might be the best Shrek movie in the series. For me, the main reason that I enjoyed the movie was because the storyline didn't revolve around the villan being Fairy Godmother or Prince Charming, which to me were the least appetizing part of the Shrek series. Also, this movie was sprayed all over with buckets and buckets of comedy that didn't go over kids heads. Another funny factor in the movie is the constant reference of Puss In Boots, our heroic feline, is an overweight sloucher that doesn't do much. As well as Puss, Plus, the animation in some of the parts were amazing to watch, especially in 3D, which I would highly recommend for any family wanting to see a movie before Toy Story 3. This Shrek movie makes me wish that the series wasn't ending, because A.) this series was a big part of my childhood and B.) as I've already said, this is quite possibly the best Shrek movie in the series. So, if you're looking for high family fun that will make you laugh alot and think about the important things in life, then see Shrek for the best and final time on the big screen with Shrek Forever After. Goodbye, Shrek, and may you live a Happily Ever After in the hearts of families all over the world. Also, before you see the movie, go out and eat some chimmichunga's. Don't ask why I'm saying this.


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