Saturday, May 8, 2010

REVIEW: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr,
Gwyneth Paltrow


May 7, 2010

Jon Favareu

Paramount Pictures,
Marvel Studios

2 hours 5 minutes




Oh yeah! Iron Man is back to kick off a @#&% awesome summer and manages to do it flawlessly. Iron Man 2 takes place six months after (SPOILER) Tony Stark revealed he is Iron Man. (END) Under pressure from the government, he is wanted to hand over the Iron Man suits, but Tony fears that if he does so, they will fall into the wrong hands. But evil lurks in the air as a new villain by the name of Whiplash is trying to destroy Tony Stark for something that occurred in the past. But with the help of Pepper Potts and James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Tony will stop at nothing to save the world once again. This movie is one of those rare comic-book sequels that lives up to its predecessor, and is actually a little better than the original. What made this movie fun was the performances of Robert Downey Jr, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, and of course, Samuel L. Jackson. Also, what made the movie very fun to look at was its special effects. Some of the flying sequences were so amazing they could've been great in 3D or IMAX 3D. Also, this movie had a great deal of comedy planted into it from Robert Downey Jr. and all of the other characters. This is one of my favorite movies of 2010 so far and I can't wait to see it again. Also, I didn't see this in the IMAX format, since it was sold out. But if you do see this in IMAX, then you should be told that the only parts that are great for IMAX are all of the flight sequences, otherwise you could just see this in a regular movie theater. Anyway, go see Iron Man 2!! This is THE superhero film of the year. Also, stay after the credits of Iron Man 2 for a special surprise that all of you comic book "nerds" will be excited about.


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